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Menuwhere now activates when you hold down the Command key and right-click your mouse, so you can easily activate it even when your hand is still on the mouse. Name: Menuwhere. Access the menu from anywhere. � /api/cask/ (JSON API) � Cask code on GitHub. Current version. Our app Menuwhere displays a copy of the main menu as a pop-up menu at the mouse location. Apps typically do not have to do anything to.
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MacUpdate Sourcing the best Mac apps and software for over a million users since Want to see the Apple menu at the end of the list? Window List that displays the list of all your open windows, a feature that switches the Space or the active window by using Hot Corner, a feature that resize and reposition the window and so on. The preferences window will not show on launch unless you have the preference set to show the window on launch. Bug Fixes and Improvements Accessory app support actually works now.