Rumlogng manual

rumlogng manual

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In most cases you also Import Window.

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X-particles torrent for mac Then of course the inevitable happened - the laptop wouldn't load an update and began to run like a dead wombat Following user definable fields are affected if applicable :. Attention: The transceiver can go to the transmit state now without any further user action! Therefore two different connections are established over the local network, even when both applications are running on the same computer. Information from the dx-spot window will be used. This cannot be undone. I love this logging app and continue to find out more and more functionality that makes it even better.
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Currently, recording messages does not key PTT. Fast forward to today. If you modify the callsign field, TLF will hide some lines, which match the actual callsign, but don't afraid: if you finish the modification of field, you can see the available list.